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Friday 8th October – Sunday 10th October 2010

CityCamp LDN is a real first. Part of the original CityCamp movement started in Chicago earlier this year, CityCamp LDN will work slightly differently.

Going beyond the barcamp ‘unconference’ format, CityCamp LDN will be split into 3 highly stimulating and interactive days of presentations, conversations and hands on hacking.

CityCamp LDN will bring together London’s leaders from all levels of government, business, academia and community organisations to reimagine the way in which technology and the web will shape the future of London.

CityCamp LDN is produced by FutureGov in collaboration with CityCamp.

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Go Genie receives NESTA support from CityCamp Sunday

You know the story. Have a great time at a hackday, meet some great people, do some great thinking, maybe even get a prototype built, leave smiling. But then comes the really hard bit. Keeping the momentum going and getting that idea turned into a reality.

This was something we were keenly aware of at CityCamp London, worried that after 3 days of excitement, entertainment and enthusiasm people would go away saying “great thanks – but what did we change?”. Which is why we were so keen that social innovation supporters such as NESTA and UnLtd came along to CityCamp London Sunday to help us bridge that gap, working with us to keep the momentum going by supporting the best ideas from the weekend. And so we have some news…

We’re extremely pleased to announce that NESTA have now committed support Go Genie, one of the innovative projects that took part in our Sunday build day!

NESTA, thanks to Carla Ross (one of our judges on the Sunday) and her colleagues, have announced they will be providing funding to develop the app and deliver a pilot in the West Midlands through their Reboot Britain programme.

For us, this just goes to show how movements like CityCamp are helping to support passionate innovators like Go Genie founder Alison Smith to make their ideas happen, solving some everyday challenges in our cities.

Here’s Alison founder of Go Genie, speed pitching her idea during the event back in October…

Go Genie wants to create  a platform that shares information, enabling people to make informed decisions to plan a trip if they are disabled, elderly, are carers, using pushchairs… pretty much anything and everything that makes getting from A to B trickier than it ought to be.

Backed with the support from NESTA, Go Genie are now after a dynamic developer to bring their idea into reality. It’s worth mentioning that their call for support is not exclusively for those who can build stuff – they’d love to hear from anyone who believes in the idea and wants to help make it happen – from offering a spot of free wifi to business advice.

If you have an offer of support – don’t be shy! You can bid over on the Go Genie Simpl page, where they are currently the idea of the week. If you’re after that developer role – you can apply, and find out more over here.

You can get a good feel for the aspirations for the service by taking a quick peek at their video…

And finally… you can refresh your memory on all things CityCamp London, including all the projects worked on here. Enjoy!

The CityCamp London meet up: celebrating one year of CityCamp

Last week we held CityCamp London’s very first “meet up” honouring the first birthday of the CityCamp movement. The Hub Kings Cross set the scene perfectely for a fun evening where friends of CityCamp caught up on related projects and opportunities, as well as finding out what the future has in store for CityCamp events.

Dominic kicked things off by recapping on CityCamp London, the first to be held in the UK – in fact the first outside of the USA. You can read all about the brilliant ideas, conversations and projects that where shared when remarkable people came together to think and shape how the web could help make the City even better over here.

Four months on, this meet up gave everyone a chance to catch up on project news, hear about brand new ideas and to look at how we might be able to help each other out. During a quick fire session of speed pitches, we heard from Mark about bringing CityCamp to Wolverhampton, how LinkedGov, one of the projects that took part in CityCamp London, has come along and how CityCamp Manchester and CityCamp Brighton (which will be kicking off this Friday!) are shaping up to name just a few. We then asked everyone to jot down any offers of support they might have – that’ll be lots then judging by the amount of chatter! We’re hoping to get some of these conversations up on Simpl, the social innovation marketplace, so keep an eye out on our next few ideas of the week – we are sure there will be some CityCampLDN related projects about!

If Thursday was anything to go by it looks as though the second year of CityCamp will be as busy as the first. The next stop is Brighton (you can book your place here) and we’re really looking forward to seeing what comes from them. There’s certainly little doubting the amount of energy, enthusiasm and creativity around keeping things going strong.

Thanks again to the Hub Kings Cross for hosting, and CityCamp London friends Govdelivery and Govloop who provided the first round of (soft-ish!) drinks. A fun evening was had by all – we couldn’t think of a better way to say Happy Birthday to CityCamp!

Until next time,


CityCamp London






CityCampLDN Meet Up: share your story

The Hub on CityCamp Sunday by @JanetEDavies

Next week sees the first get together since the first CityCampLDN where we’ll be gathering back at the the Hub Kings Cross for a CityCamp meet up marking CityCamp’s one year birthday. You don’t have to have been at the first camp, the more the merrier in fact as we look for ideas on how we can help take things to the next level here in London and elsewhere.

Back in October, CityCamp London brought together the City’s leaders from government, academia, business and most importantly, community, to think about the way we can all use technology to shape the future of London. The three day event was jam packed 400 campers bursting with ideas, conversations and the creation of some pretty exciting projects (you can refresh your memory here). So, we thought we’d use the meet up to catch up on the following…

  • CityCamp projects Did you have a bright idea at CityCamp? Maybe you took part in one of the CityCamp Sunday projects? Or perhaps you just had a promising chat that has led onto something interesting. Or did the camp get you thinking and now you’d like to share it with the world? Let us know what you’ve been up to, any help you might need and any support you may be able to offer.
  • The CityCamp future as we mention above this event marks one year since the beggining of the CityCamp movement. So, we thought it would be appropriate to find out a bit more about other CityCamps that will be taking place both home and away including Brighton, Barcelona and Manchester.

Next Thursday, we’ll be giving you the chance to share your bright ideas, projects, news and possible support. We’ll be inviting anyone who would like to speed pitch their idea with the group and we’ll get as much of it up over on Simpl, the social innovation marketplace, for you to make some new connections and continue conversations. Everyone who comes along on the night will receive access to the private site we’re testing at the moment as a bonus!

Most importantly of course the evening is a social – so we’re hoping for an interesting and (mainly!) fun evening. If you haven’t already booked your (free!) place yet you can do so through our evenbrite page – there’s a ticket or two still up for grabs.

We’d also like to thank again our sponsors at govloop and govdelivery – thanks to them the first round is on us!

See you there!

Team CityCamp London

CityCamp London – Meet Up and celebrate a year of CityCamp


*Grab your (free) place at the meet up here now!*

We can hardly believe that it’s been four months since the very first CityCamp London – an event that brought together London’s leaders from government, academia, business and, most importantly, the community to reimagine the way in which technology and the web will shape the future of London. A truly inspiring three days packed full of brilliant people – refresh your memory here.

Not only is it four months since CityCampLDN, it’s actually one year since the CityCamp thing kicked off in Chicago. To honour this anniversary, and to help keep these conversations and collaborations going between the larger events, GovLoop & CityCamp have teamed up to encourage CityCamp Meetups across the globe – FutureGov picking up the mantle in London.

The City Camp London meet up will be hosted by our friends (and CityCampLDN Sunday hosts) the Hub Kings Cross, for an informal evening of sharing progress and exploring the opportunities ahead – and fun, mostly fun of course…

And thanks to our friends at GovLoop and GovDelivery, there’ll be a free drink on us to get things going!


For all your ticket information, head over to our eventbrite page.

See you there!

MyGovAlerts London

On CityCampLDN Saturday, we gave a few people the chance to showcase how they are using the web to help change London and London government for the better. Here Dave Worsell of GovDelivery recaps on what he presented on the day and asks for a helping hand. Over to you Dave…

If you live, work or play in London you know where to get the latest news.  You’ll buy a newspaper, use online news services or tune in to a TV or radio station that syndicates newsworthy stories from across London.

Suppose you’re looking to move to the city and need housing. You might want a social care job anywhere in the London area.  The planned development on your route to work could disrupt your commute. Do you know where to get this type of information? Do you know when and where to go back if it changes?  You’re unlikely to find it in the local press.

Traditional public service boundaries don’t necessarily make sense in a city like the size of London. There’s a rich set of valuable information on public service websites but you’ll often need to go to many different sources across the city to get all the information that’s important to you.

MyGovAlerts London

MyGovAlerts London has been designed to give you easy access to the latest public sector information from across London in a single location. MyGovAlerts makes it easy for residents, businesses and visitors to see real-time information as it is posted on any given topic, in any given location, from any London Borough, Local Community Group or Government agency.


The service provides a live stream of content with Twitter-like search interface that displays a customisable view of the latest public service news.  Information is categorised by topic and location so you can browse, search and sign-up for real-time updates on specific topics of interest.  You can register to receive updates on any topic directly via email, SMS, or RSS.

For example, a search on “Housing” might reveal results from Brent, Barnet, Islington or Chelsea.  Information can be presented together with the latest crime figures, trading standards alerts, local events, planning information, leisure services and council tax data.  You can now subscribe to receive automatic alerts via email, SMS or RSS when new “Housing” information is published.  Ideal if you’re thinking of moving to the capital.

The benefits aren’t all directed at the public. The dashboard promotes channel shift and supports avoidable contact initiatives by encouraging the public to use online services. It makes public services more transparent, opens data stores and helps drives engagement in multiple service areas.

So what’s next?

MyGovAlerts London is a beta service. It needs more granular data feeds and requires links from organisations across London who are happy to provide data.

Any London council, community group or public body can submit or suggest feeds and notifications to be included in MyGovAlert London.  Dashboard feeds can be included from almost any source, for example, local authority news, community group events, weather warnings and any Social Media sources like twitter, YouTube, FaceBook or Flickr.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice Dartford isn’t a London Borough.  Dartford’s inclusion has been used to demonstrate how a Local Authority with almost 100 granular RSS, Email and SMS alerts can derive additional value from the service by allowing residents to get only the information they want, when they want it, how they want it while at the same time building a large subscriber list.

If you have feedback or can think of other uses of the Dashboard please get in touch.  dave.worsell@govdelivery.com / @dworsell

That was the weekend that was… CityCamp London!

Well what a weekend! We’ve (just about!) recovered and wanted to take the opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone for getting involved and making CityCamp London the inspiring event it turned out to be. We hope that through the talks, conversations and project planning we’ve all helped to create some new tech thinking and doing to help make London an even more amazing city.

Matt Jones from Berg: Vertigo and Macroscopes in the City

Content kings for the weekend Event with Me captured everything you need to know about the weekend and put it up on a CityCamp London posterous so flick through that at your leisure, from talks at the RSA on the Friday to photos and podcasts with participants all through the weekend.

On CityCamp Sunday, people pitched up (pun intended) to the start of the day with 16 fantastic new ideas on how we can make London a better city, which you can read in full below. Working to answer a rough set of questions over the course of the day, everyone pitched in to help develop the new projects and start to make them a reality…

View more presentations from Dominic Campbell.

By the end of the Sunday, the assembled judges chose five ideas that you might be seeing a bit more of in the future as they all secured further conversations with NESTA and UnLtd by impressing at final pitches (which was, as Andy Gibson reminded us binary day on top of everything!)

  • MentorWell: A project from that wants to use the web to strengthen relationships between those who teach and those who are taught.
  • LinkedGov: from Hadley Beeman – the tidying up government data project to make information user friendly.
  • Viewpoints: a project to allow communities to determine their city view. An idea from Finn Williams, the service would allow people to contribute to London’s skylines by sharing on a platform what views they value.
  • Olili: from the team behind Pesky People and Geovation. Olili aims to use crowd sourcing methods to make it easier to people with disabilities to plan their journies and enjoy their cities.
  • Liquid law: an idea from David Wellner, Liquid Law will help connect ethical lawyers with ethical organisations to lower the costs when it came to setting up the legal stuff when creating an organisation for social good, as well as provide a place to store and share legal documents safely.

the crowd pitching potential ideas at CityCamp Sunday

You can watch all ten brilliant ideas being pitched in full here.

To get a feel of the day, here’s a short video from Natalie McDermott who took a moment to ask the founders, organisers and participants of CityCamp London what was important about the event to them – thanks Natalie!

There’s already been a great deal of buzz online about the weekend and here are  just a few blogs on how people found their CityCamp London experience….

If you’ve written a blog on your CityCamp London story, or would just like to tell us what we could do differently next time, let us know by tweeting us or leaving a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

Again, we’d like to thank the following who have made CityCamp London possible:

We’re now looking forward to our Local by Social regional events in partnership with Local Government Improvement and Development (you can grab a ticket to the first event here and we’ll see you in Coventry!

We’ll be posting a blog very soon on how we can capture and make the most of the momentum from CityCamp London so keep an eye out and start thinking of how you can help us change London and other cities – CityCamp Barcelona is already up and running with rumours abound of another 3-4 in development in the UK alone!

Until next time,

Team CityCamp London

Pitching at @CityCampLDN Sunday

Just a quick post to let you know how we’d like you to pitch this afternoon…

In short – KISS (keep it simple stupid ; )! We want you to present 5 slides (or none if you prefer) in 5 minutes (and no a second more!).

You might like to consider the points below when planning your presentation. Particularly important will be thinking about who in government you are/need to be connected to (if it’s a government related project) and how are you going to make it sustainable (particularly if it’s a social innovation project).

Pitching starts at 3pm sharp. If you want to pitch, grab/tweet/holler either me, Lucy or Lauren so we can add you to the list.

Over to you – good luck!

Keep collaborating after @CityCampLDN Sunday thanks to Huddle

So we’re up and running with CityCamp Sunday! Brains are buzzing, laptops are whirring and coffee is flowing.

But already our minds are turning to what next. In the medium term we’re thinking about a 6 month meet up to see how all the ideas coming out of the weekend (check them out here and here) are progressing, but also Huddle have an offer for here and now.

Huddle have offered 20 free professional accounts to help teams stay in touch after CityCamp Sunday, keeping the ideas flowing and getting stuff done.

If you’d like to take them up on their offer, contact either philip [at] huddle [dot] net or else fabio [at] huddle [dot] net.

More soon…

Thanking our CityCamp stars…

It was really really important to us to be able to make CityCamp London a free to attend event.

To make this happen, as well as the generous support of our CityCamp Partners we’ve also got a lot to thank to our seven CityCamp Stars for, whose involvement in and commitment to the Camp has made it all possible. So we thought we’d tell you a little more about each of them…

rock creek

Rock Creek Strategic Marketing began with the idea that brands build businesses. More than twenty years later, the team continues to build clients’ organisations—including government agencies, commercial enterprises, and nonprofits—through innovative and results-driven strategic branding, communications, and design solutions.


Firmstep works first and foremost with local authorities, but they also work with all types of organisations around the world, supporting the finance, manufacturing, not-for-profit and education sectors.

These clients share Firmstep’s commitment to delivering ground-breaking customer service within their sector; by providing their organisation or community with stable and cost-effective web-based solutions that deliver customer self-service, community portals and eForms using the FirmstepPlatform.

edelman logo

Edelman are the largest independent public relations agency in the UK, working across all areas of the communications spectrum – delivering award-winning campaigns in media old and new.  Edelman look at the cultural impact of the digital revolution in all its dimensions, providing thought leadership in a radically changing world.

Transparency is at the heart of this Government now more than ever. Data.gov.uk is home to national & local data for free re-use.

The new UK government has made transparency and openness a priority, releasing data for people to re-use and hold government to account. In May the Prime Minster David Cameron wrote an open letter to his Cabinet, committing to a series of data releases and creating the Public Sector Transparency Board to assess the government’s progress. The Board’s members are Tim Berners-Lee, Rufus Pollock, Nigel Shadbolt, Tom Steinberg. Together they drafted a set of Public Data Principles which cover how the Web will make information easier to find, easier to reuse, and easier to share.

Established in November 2006 and based in London and San Francisco, Huddle helps organisations connect, share and work better together.

With Huddle you can manage people, projects and information inside and outside of your organisation, securely. It is available online, on mobile devices, on the desktop, via Microsoft Office applications, major business social networks and in multiple languages.

Huddle work with local and central government departments at all levels to drive efficiencies through better information management and collaboration.

We all know Google and thank them very much, for making CityCamp London, and so much else, possible.

GovDelivery is the world’s leading provider of government-to-citizen communication solutions. GovDelivery’s Digital Subscription Management (DSM) solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides organizations a fully-automated, on-demand public communication system. Subscription management empowers governments to provide citizens with better service and access to relevant information by proactively communicating official content through email, text messaging, RSS and social media.

CityCamp Saturday session ideas: *very* draft agenda

Only a few days to go until CityCamp London.  Based on your ideas, here’s what we’re thinking as a starter for CityCamp Saturday’s agenda:

So please tell us, does this work for you? Is there anything missing? There’s still time to say yes / no / maybe to these suggested sessions, or to add your comments below.  It’s your CityCamp, so please tell us what you think.